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Jiangsu Yongyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Address: Yancheng Sheyang Bay Bay Road, No. 188

Tel: 0515-88876377

Fax: 0515-88875377

Contact: Xu Wenkai

Mobile: 13770046388

E-mail: xuwenkai5168@163.com

Zip code: 224000

Website: www.jsyongyu.com

Idea Culture and Vision

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operating strategy

1. Rational organization

- Staff Educate: General Staff LEVEL UP (Educational Activation)

- SYSTEM Management: TS16949: 2009, SQ-MARK Certification (16.02.29)

2. Production increased

- Inventory Management LOSS 0 of

- equipment startup rate maximization (strengthen equipment prevention and preservation)

- Multi-skilled and efficient use of human resources

3. Cleaning and family company

- 3 set 5S living

- company = family

Business philosophy

1. Large-scale benefits structure management

- Sales: 110 million RMB

- Sales profit: 5.5 million RMB

2. Q, C, D efficient management

- Q: Customer NPL (Target PPM: 0PPM)

- C: profit increase rate: 10%

- D: Naoko compliance rate: 100%

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