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Composite geomembrane in the construction of different terrain to deal with the laying

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Composite geomembrane in the construction of different terrain to deal with the laying

Release date:2017-09-01 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Click:

The greatest use of composite geomembrane is reflected in the channel seepage control project. In fact, the composite geomembrane is heated on the one or both sides of the film far infrared oven, the geotextile and geomembrane pressed together by the guide roller to form a composite geomembrane. With the improvement of production technology, there is also a casting method to do composite geomembrane process.

In the form of a cloth a film, two cloth a film, two films a cloth, etc. In recent years, geosynthetics in civil engineering, flood control and rescue projects in particular, a large number of applications and its effectiveness has aroused the majority of engineering and technical personnel height Pay attention. For the application of geosynthetics technology, the state from the seepage, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection and other aspects, put forward the normative technical requirements, greatly accelerated the pace of the promotion and application of new materials.

During the construction process, the composite geomembrane will be laid according to different geological features and different local terrain. Common use sites are rectangular, circular and shaped, in many topographical conditions, the circular is the largest loss and laying the most difficult, especially in the cultivation base of circular ponds dug.

If its growers do not understand the various aspects of the excavation, stability and groundwater volume of the pond, it is often considered that a random geomembrane can be used for seepage prevention just by digging a pit to make a reservoir, which is wrong of. First of all in the pond excavation should test the slope around the pool, the slope of the size should also be calculated according to the degree of soil softness, so after the water tank is not prone to collapse accident. And groundwater content must also do a certain analysis to see if the need for underground drainage construction, these two do after the whole site needs to be flattened. As long as the above steps to carry out construction of the pool, many accidents do not occur. This is also the best way to ensure growers benefit.

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