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Injection plastic products

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Injection plastic products

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PP plastic: good solvent resistance, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, weak base and other properties, with a high degree of creep resistance and stress relaxation, excellent wear resistance, self-lubricating, fatigue resistance is not comparable to other engineering plastics. Features: small proportion, non-toxic, insulated, acid, alkali, corrosion.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is a thermoplastic engineering plastic: it combines the superior performance of most plastics, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, self-lubricating, absorbing impact energy, these six properties are the current plastic In the highest value,

1, high wear resistance: In all the engineering plastics UHMW-PE wear the best performance, the most eye-catching, the higher the molecular weight of the more wear-resistant materials, and even more than many metal materials (such as carbon steel. Stainless steel , Bronze, etc.). Molecules such as UHMW-PE pipes, which provide 4-6 times the service life of high-corrosion and high-wear steel pipes and improve transport efficiency by 20%, demonstrate the advantages of "energy-saving, environmental friendly, economical and efficient".

2, Corrosion resistance: Impermeability corrosion in lye, can be used in concentrated hydrochloric acid at 80 ℃, stable in 75% concentrated sulfuric acid, 20% nitric acid, it is also very stable to seawater liquid detergent.

3, low friction coefficient: static friction coefficient of 0.07, good self-lubricating, is an ideal bearing, sleeve, sleeve, lining material options UHMW-PE as a device friction parts, in addition to improve wear life In addition, you can receive energy savings.

4, impact resistance: the highest impact of plastic home, whether it is strong external impact, or internal pressure fluctuations, are hard to make it cracking, the impact strength is 10 times nylon 66, PVC 20 times, poly Tetrafluoroethylene 8 times, especially in low temperature environment, but its highest impact strength but the flexibility of the conveyor system provides a very reliable and secure protection.

5, anti-aging: stable performance, good aging resistance, ground, buried underground can be 50 years without aging, measured by ASTM method (load 4.6KG / cm²) thermal deformation temperature of 85 ℃, the use of temperature up to 90 ℃ , Under special circumstances, to allow the use of higher temperatures without the signs of brittle fracture, but larger linear expansion coefficient, poor thermal conductivity, so in the design of products, we should pay full attention.

6, electrical properties: what kind of resistance, breakdown voltage of 50KV / mm, dielectric constant of 2.3, in a wide range of temperature and frequency, suitable for electrical engineering structural materials.

7, non-toxic health: UHMW-PE tasteless, non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, with physiological inertia and physiological adaptability.

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