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Clutch piece troubleshooting

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Clutch piece troubleshooting

Release date:2017-07-18 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Click:

Clutch piece troubleshooting:

1, check the clutch pedal free travel is too large, and adjust.

2, check the separation lever height is consistent, is too low. In the car dial separation fork, so that the front end of the separation bearing gently lean on the inner end of the separation lever, turn the clutch to view a week, if the separation of the inner end of the lever can not contact with the separation of bearings, indicating the height of the separation lever Inconsistent, should be adjusted. If the separation lever height, still not completely separated, we must check the lever height. The separation lever transferred to the same height, if completely separated, indicating that the original improper adjustment or wear too. After the release lever adjustment, the clutch pedal must be readjusted.

3, if the above adjustment is normal, still separation is not complete, it is necessary to remove the clutch, check the driven disc is installed anti-axial displacement is difficult, whether there is any warping master disc, the separation of the lever screw is loose, floating pin Whether it is off.

4, for the newly riveted friction plate clutch, to check the driven plate and friction plate is too thick. If it is too thick, place a pad between the clutch cover and the flywheel.

5, for hydraulic clutch, in addition to the above inspection, but also check the brake fluid is missing, the pipeline leakage and discharge the hydraulic system of air.

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