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Automotive clutch plate fault diagnosis

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Automotive clutch plate fault diagnosis

Release date:2017-07-10 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Click:

Car clutch chip failure performance:

1. Polka slipping appearance:

Disperser slipping, the condenser pedal lift the head was forced start. When hanging low gear, tighten the hand brake, gradually raise the condenser pedal, gradually increase the throttle start, if the car can not travel, the engine does not turn off, then slip for the condenser.

Cause of the problem:

A. Disperser Pedals and Do not lift the fork is not free travel or free travel is too small, so that the diffuser in a semi-bonded condition.

B. Conflict pieces worn even though the rivet head is revealed, the piece hardened, burnt or oiled.

C. Disperser diaphragm spring is too soft or broken deformation, condenser platen or flywheel conflict appearance grinding groove (rivet head scraping), warping or grinding out the steps.

D. Collector driven disc stuck in the axis of the diffuser or stalled.

E. Transmission One-axle front bearing or bearing is filled with smooth too much, when the high-temperature grease is diluted, thrown into the collision surface, resulting in slipping.

F. Spiral Spring Disperser Lever lever height adjustment divergence, pedal return spring is too soft, broken or in the pedal shaft stalled and the pedal can not be returned.

G. Pressure plate is not working properly and the condenser gland and flywheel between the fastening bolts loose, axial movement away from the bearing sleeve stagnation, uncomfortable.

2. Disperser cut constantly appearance:

Disperser cut continuously, the transmission gear difficult, gear crashing sound. After hanging the file, do not lift the collector pedal, the car on the road or the engine flameout.

Cause of the problem:

A. Dispersed pedal and fork away from the free travel is too large, hydraulic system, there is air or oil spills.

B. Master cylinder or operating cylinder is not working properly, slave disc bent song, rivets loose.

C. The new replacement of the driven disc collision piece is too thick, the condenser diaphragm spring cracking.

D. Driven disc hub spline groove and transmission shaft key tooth rust stagnation, so that driven plate difficult to move. Poly scattered pressure plate uneven

E. Spiral Spring Collector Lever uneven or uneven.

3. Disperser sounding

Reasons and appearance of the phenomenon:

A. While the engine is idling, the diffuser pedal lifts (relaxes) completely, but there is also a continuous buzzing noise because the bearing is not scraped away from the lever.

B. Step on the condenser pedal a small amount, so that the condenser away from the uranium bearings and lever touch, if you hear the "sand, sand" sound, the condenser is not bearing short smooth oil or burning.

c. When you step on the condenser pedal, you hear a "wow, wow" sound of metal conflict, and then remove the flywheel bottom shell, the investigation has separated the lever has been ground into a furrow, even when the transition presents a spark, Then explain the bearing damage without change.

d. When the car just started to raise the collector pedal, so that the condenser is about to engage (some pedal actually), the announcement of a scream for the driven plate warpage or broken steel, driven Disk tilt tilting work, the conflict piece hardening rugged, conflict piece rivets head revealed scratch touch plate or flywheel.

E. When the diffuser pedals exactly, announced a "rattle" of the impact, then the drive plate spline grooves and transmission shaft spline teeth wear too much.

f. When you just hit the condenser pedal or just lift the pedal so that the clapboard and platen in to leave or to touch the situation, hear a "click" Loose.

g. When you hear a "click" sound like wearing the keyway of the driven plate when you just depress or raise the collector pedal, the pins and holes of the lever do not loose and loose Device).

H. Differentiator away from the bearing return spring is too soft, elongation, broken or falling, so that the bearings do not return position, followed by a long time to sound.

4. Shock when the car started appearance:

Engine idle speed, hang low gear, gradually relax condenser pedal start, the car before and after the vibration and announced the "bearded, bearded" impact sound.

Cause of the problem:

A. Driven disk collision piece stained with oil, rivets head revealed (scraping plate), conflict piece uneven or driven disc winged song.

B. Driven hub spline groove and transmission top shaft spline tooth wear even loose Kuang.

C. The condenser does not move away from the axial movement of the bearing sleeve, and the fixing bolts between the condenser cover and the flywheel are loose.

D. Collector platen stuck, spring uneven elastic (spiral spring diffuser), a single spring break or highly divergent.

E. Membrane patch diaphragm spring crack, driven disk damping spring weakened or broken, the pedal return spring break or fall.

G. Transmission shaft and engine crankshaft centerline is not the heart, the flywheel fixing bolts loose

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