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Non-woven geotextile production methods

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Non-woven geotextile production methods

Release date:2017-08-07 Author:Jiangsu Yongyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Click:

The emergence of non-woven geotextile geotextiles later than weaving, the production methods are mainly spunbond method and acupuncture two, including acupuncture in our country a larger proportion. The raw materials used to polyester, followed by polypropylene and vinylon, the unit weight of 100 to 800 grams / square meter. Non-woven geotextile with greater elongation, to adapt to greater deformation, can be made into the appropriate size of the pores, and in the horizontal and vertical directions have better penetration. Therefore, the development of non-woven geotextiles fast, and has become a major component of geotextiles. (Bentonite waterproof blanket)

It has been widely used to solve the subgrade settlement and mud mud problem, for the earth and rock dam drainage system, underground drainage pipes, weak foundation reinforcement, a variety of embankment slope supporting shoulder and other engineering filter layer. In addition, it can be used to reinforce soil materials, reinforce soft ground or build lightweight retaining walls, and at the same time, reduce pore pressure under embankments.

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