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Selection of Geotechnical Deep Foundation Pit Slope Support Structure

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Selection of Geotechnical Deep Foundation Pit Slope Support Structure

Release date:2017-08-09 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Click:

1. Geotextile gravity support structure

Gravity support structure mainly refers to the rotary jet grouting curtain wall and deep mixing cement pile wall, deep mixing cement pile retaining wall flexural capacity and stiffness is small. However, its water retaining performance is better, and is often used in deep foundation pit slope supporting works. Spin Jet pile curtain wall and deep mixing cement wall is very similar to the role of geotextile, but there are some differences between the two construction techniques.

2. Geotextile non-gravity support structure

It is noteworthy that the easiest way of deep foundation pit support is to use the pile anchor support system. The system mainly uses cast-in-situ piles as the retaining wall of the project, while the distance between the piles is mainly calculated based on the slope soil quality and the depth of the deep foundation pit. The horizontal tension of cast-in-place piles is mainly provided by the soil anchor. The concrete calculation method of geotextile is to use the equivalent beam method to calculate the tensile and buckling calculations of the soil anchor and cast-in-situ pile reasonably and scientifically.

3. The disadvantage of reinforced concrete sheet pile is the construction of noise, vibration, the advantage of strong water retaining capacity, the construction is relatively convenient. The disadvantage of the bored pile retaining wall is that the gap between the piles is not conducive to retaining the water and hinders the following construction. Advantages of strong bending capacity, stiffness; sheet pile shortcomings are relatively large flexibility. Construction of the attachment soil has a great impact. Advantages of good water retaining capacity, easy to set up the soft soil areas, laid after construction, construction speed; shortcomings of underground reinforced concrete continuous wall support structure is a relatively large investment, the advantage of retaining a good performance, stiffness , Strong bending ability.

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