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Auto parts injection molding those processes

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Auto parts injection molding those processes

Release date:2017-08-07 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Click:

Plastic processing is a complex process, mainly divided into the following main processing methods: Pre-pressure to improve product quality and improve the molding efficiency, the powder or fibrous molding material pre-pressed into a certain shape of the operation. Preheating In order to improve the processing performance of molding materials and shorten the molding cycle, the plastic molding materials in the first prior to the operation of heating.

Molding In the mold by adding the required amount of plastic, closed mold, exhaust, in the molding temperature and pressure to maintain a period of time, and then stripping the mode of operation. The main equipment for compression molding is press and mold. Press is the most self-sufficient hydraulic machine, tonnage from tens of tons to hundreds of tons. There are presses under pressure and pressure on the press. For compression molding of the mold known as the compression mold, divided into three categories; overflow mold, semi-overflow type mold overflow mold.

The main advantage of compression molding is that it can be molded into larger flat products and can be mass-produced, with the disadvantages of long production cycles and low efficiency.

2. Lamination. A method of bonding two or more layers of the same or different materials together as a whole by means of heat or pressure with or without a binder. Laminating commonly used laminating machine operation, this press between the dynamic pressure plate and the constant pressure plate is equipped with multi-layer floating hot plate. Laminate molding commonly used reinforcing materials are cotton cloth, glass cloth, paper, asbestos cloth, etc., the resin phenolic, epoxy, unsaturated polyester and some thermoplastic resin.

3. Cold-compression molding. Cold-pressure molding, also known as cold-pressed sintering ...

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