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Automotive plastic injection parts advantages

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Automotive plastic injection parts advantages

Release date:2017-08-10 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co. Click:

1, plastic can be a molding, processing time is short, accuracy is guaranteed.

2, the elastic deformation characteristics of automotive plastic products can absorb a large amount of collision energy, a strong impact on the buffer has a greater impact on the vehicles and occupants play a protective role. Hyundai cars are plasticized dashboard and steering wheel to enhance the cushioning effect. Front and rear bumpers, body trim are made of plastic material to reduce the impact of objects on the car body. Automotive plastic also has to absorb and attenuate the role of vibration and noise, can improve ride comfort.

3, automotive plastic injection molded parts corrosion resistance, local damage will not be corroded.

4, through the addition of different fillers, plasticizers and hardeners to produce the required performance of the plastic to suit the different components of the car's use requirements. More convenient is the plastic color can be transferred through the additive different colors, eliminating the trouble of painting. Some automotive plastic parts can also be electroplated.

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