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What is blow molding?

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What is blow molding?

Release date:2017-08-09 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co. Click:

Injection blow molding is the first plastic injection molding method has a bottomed parison, then the parison into the blow mold for blow molding.

Advantages The advantages of injection blow molding are:

1, the melt is injected into the parison mold cavity in the circumferential direction by a certain orientation effect. In addition, the parison inflation temperature is lower than the extrusion blow molding, blown orientation effect can be retained more, which helps to improve the container strength and other properties.

2, the container size (especially the size of the neck thread) high precision: easier to ensure the uniformity of container wall thickness, uniform container specifications.

3, the container does not form a joint seam, without trimming, generally do not produce scrap (extrusion blow molding scrap is usually 5% to 30%).

4, high gloss containers, containers made of transparent polymer is always transparent.

5, the blow mold can be set to slide the bottom module, so the container shape design flexibility at the bottom.

6, more suitable for forming rigid plastic containers and wide mouth containers.

Drawbacks The disadvantages of injection blow molding are:

1, only blow molding small hollow containers.

2, only suitable for blow molding simple shape of the container

3, can not blow with the handle of the container.

4, mold manufacturing requirements.

5, in some cases to reheat the tube to blow molding.

Application of this method can be used for daily necessities, Cosmetics, medicine, food and other packaging containers. But its volume should not exceed 2 liters, commonly used plastics such as PE, PS and PVC.

Process injection blow molding process in two stages:

In the first stage, the injection tube is used to inject the melt into the blank tube mold with blow core tube to form the blank tube. The mold is opened and the blank tube is transferred to the blow mold with the core tube.

The second stage, closing the blow mold, compressed air through the core tube inflated tube molding products, after cooling stereotypes remove the product

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