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Brief description of the development direction of domestic plastic granulator

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Brief description of the development direction of domestic plastic granulator

Release date:2017-08-25 Author:Automotive plastic parts Click:

The rapid development of plastic granulator to meet the human needs of plastic products, plastic granulator plastic industry as one of the super-based plastic machinery, through the accumulation of technology in recent years, a great improvement than before. Then the future of plastic granulator again in that direction it!

The rapid development of the plastics industry is inseparable from the plastic pelletizer industry, but the plastic pelletizer in the production and use of the process will cause great harm to the environment, so this issue has become the plastic pelletizer industry in recent years One of the urgent problems to be solved, so the future of plastic granulator must be environmentally friendly, has been reduced as much as possible on the environment.

The energy consumption of plastic granulators is also huge. In recent years, China is facing a shortage of resources. Therefore, the government is also vigorously controlling some high-energy-consuming industries and has advocated energy conservation and environmental protection. According to statistics, the energy consumed by plastic granulator annually accounts for more than 10% of the total energy consumption of the national economy! Therefore, the future of plastic granulator must take the energy-saving route.

Since some plastics contain certain toxicities, long-term contact with plastics can easily endanger the health of operators. In the future, operators will minimize unnecessary contact with plastic granulators and the function of plastic granulators must be more and more Intelligent.

Plastic granulator and plastic itself performance is also a great relationship, such as engineering plastics injection molding products can achieve the desired performance requirements, and plastic granulator is also a certain relationship, so that the plastic granulator Impact is multifaceted, so the above factors plastic granulator in the future will be toward environmental protection, energy-saving, intelligent and other directions.

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