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Warp geogrid in the construction of precautions

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Warp geogrid in the construction of precautions

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Warp geogrid in the construction of precautions

Warp geogrid is the use of high-strength fibers or polyester filament industry, weaving direction through the warp knitted mesh fabric, PVC processing into a geogrid, with "soft steel reinforcement," said. Warp geogrid, also known as polyester geogrid or warp polyester geogrid, is also commonly used in civil engineering geosynthetics. Tensile strength, tear strength, soil gravel and strong binding.

Nowadays, geotextile materials have been used in numerous construction fields all over the world for many years. Some constructors lack understanding of the role of laying geogrids and defects in construction techniques, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Construction workers lack awareness and quality awareness is not strong. Geogrid laying in the design requirements more stringent. A small number of construction workers in order to save time, labor-saving, material-saving, rather than design and construction, arbitrary alteration or cancellation of the geogrid caused by the quality of highway construction to reduce.

2.Geogrid lap is not in place. Due to the limited size of the geogrid produced by the manufacturer, geogrid width is generally 1m-2m range. When laying a wider subgrade to have a certain lap width. The construction workers often neglect this in the operation, resulting in a long lap waste, lap lap or lack of lap and prone to weak points that caused the separation of the two, reducing the performance of the geogrid.

3.Geogrid laying method is not correct. One-way geogrid is mainly unidirectional force, when laying, geogrid grid direction and the direction of the longitudinal seam force in the same direction, it can play the role of geogrid, and some construction workers in the construction Geogrids are often laid in the direction and longitudinal force in the opposite direction, the result did not play its due role, but also resulted in artificial, material, mechanical waste.

4 When laying the geogrid, the geogrid center deviates from the center of the subgrade longitudinal seam, and the geogrid is not stressed evenly on both sides.

5.Geogrid laying is not solid, or laying on the material before the laying of a longer time, it will affect the quality of its technology. Because there are many external factors, such as windy, pedestrians and vehicles, etc., such as accidentally opened the geogrid, when re-laying not only a waste of time, can not guarantee the construction process.

6.Geogrid filling and troweling, do not pay attention to the scientific construction process damage to the geogrid, or subgrade fill is not in place and the rework process will damage the geogrid.

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