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Common injection molding processing fees are included in the calculation of the project

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Common injection molding processing fees are included in the calculation of the project

Release date:2017-08-25 Author:Automotive plastic parts Click:

Plastic injection molding plant profit is to earn a certain amount of injection processing costs, injection molding and processing orders are generally large quantities, too few are also a few thousand pieces, high words are hundreds of thousands, so before signing Is to be based on the bulk to count the processing costs, then the common injection processing fees which items are included too!

First, the purchase of plastic raw materials, the same plastic has different prices, its performance is varied, so according to the quality requirements of injection molded parts to choose plastic raw materials, and to accurately calculate how much plastic for each injection molded parts, and The scrap rate to be controlled.

Second: injection mold manufacturing, mold manufacturing is the most important part in the injection molding processing, which is directly related to the quality of the latter part of the product. Molds also have advantages and disadvantages of the previous must be based on the volume of injection parts and delivery time and other factors to determine the use of which price level of injection mold, of course, the premise is to ensure the quality of injection molded parts.

The third: it is necessary to cost-effective workers, all the required amount of injection power consumption, injection molding machine depreciation rate! Especially the larger batch of injection molded parts, these factors must be calculated.

Fourthly, what is the tax liability, whether the plastic parts are exported or sold domestically? What is the tax policy in this respect? This must be clearly understood and the tax credit is the responsibility and obligation of every enterprise.

These are just super-basic items of the injection molding process, but they are also super-important items. The profits of plastic injection molding factories have been on the decline in recent years. Therefore, we should accurately calculate the cost of processing each injection molding piece.

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